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use z to turn around. best of luck. it's possible just hard. leave a comment and let me know what you think of the level. also, bmx is what i tested it with. ??? is good if you just want to see the level. truck can't handle the beginning.

-18 1i 18 1i,18 1j 22 22 2t 2j 3k 32 4b 3n 4v 49 5q 54 6p 61 7r 75 8q 84 9q 96 as a9 bv bf d3 cl e8 du fe f7 gl gh hs hr j4 j7 kd kj ll lv mu nc o7 op ph q7 qr rk s4 t2 te ug uo vu 103 11d 11d 12r 12n 14a 142 15o 15c 177 16n 18m 181 1a5 19c 1bj 1am 1d2 1c1 1eh 1dc 1g0 1em 1hf 1g1 1iu 1hc 1kd 1in 1ls 1k2 1nb 1ld 1oq 1mo 1q9 1o3 1ro 1pe 1t7 1qp 1um 1s4 205 1tf 21k,1tf 21k 1uq 233 205 24i 21g 261 22r 27g 246 28v 25h 2ae 26s 2bt 287 2dc 29l 2er 2b5 2g5 2cp 2h7 2eh 2i0 2ga 2io 2ht 2iv 2j7 2iu 2kk 2ir 2lq 2ib 2n6 2hh 2oc 2gq 2pk 2fu 2qt 2f0 2s8 2e1 2tl 2d1 2v2 2bv 30h 2at 320 29q,4fm 241 4fg 3pq,4fg 3pl 4fb 3qa 4f1 3r4 4em 3ru 4ea 3so 4dq 3tm 4dc 3up 4ct 403 4cb 41a 4br 42l 4b1 441 4a5 45g 493 46t 47o 487 46e 49i 44t 4aq 43b 4c2 41n 4d8 403 4ed 3ue 4fe 3sh 4g0 3qj 4gd 3om 4gq 3ml 4gv 3kj 4h3 3ij 4h8 3gj 4hc 3eh 4h9 3cg 4h3 3ad 4gs,3af 4gt 38b 4gd 36n 4fu 354 4ff 33j 4es 323 4e5 30j 4dd 2v4 4cm 2tk 4bs 2s3 4av 2qk 49v 2p7 48v 2nr 47t 2mf 46s 2l3 45r 2jn 44p 2ib 43n,17g 44c 17f 45r 17d 47b 17b 499 17c 4b4 17a 4cs 178 4em 175 4g8 174 4hk 172 4it 16v 4kc 16u 4ln 16t 4mt 16u 4o1 16u 4p8 16u 4qg 170 4rk 171 4sv 172 4ui 170 501 16u 51k 16t 537 16s 54q 16t 56f 16t 584 16s 59q 16s 5bg 170 5d7 174 5f0 179 5gq 17g 5im 17o 5kj 184 5mg 18m 5od 19d 5qa 1aa 5s8 1b6 5u5 1c3 601 1da 61p 1ec 632 1fk 649 1h0 65d 1ih 66d 1k3 67c 1lj 68c 1n2 69b 1ol 6a6 1qb 6as 1s7 6bc 1u5 6bq 201 6c8,201 6c8 21s 6cm 23l 6ct 25g 6cu 27d 6cq 29b 6cm 2b8 6ci 2d3 6ca 2f0 6bs 2gv 6ba 2it 6an 2kr 6a5 2mo 69g 2ol 68o 2qj 67r 2sh 670 2uf 665 30c 656 328 646 344 635 360 624 37m 610 39b 5vp 3av 5ug 3ck 5t7 3e9 5rt 3fs 5qj,4s2 5m5 4rv 5nl 4ru 5p0 4rt 5qf 4rt 5rq 4ru 5t8 4rt 5uq 4rs 609 4rp 61o 4ro 62v 4rn 649 4rl 65l 4rk 66s 4ri 688 4re 69p 4rb 6b2 4r8 6ca 4r4 6dh 4r0 6er 4qt 6ga 4qr 6hv 4qq 6jc 4qn 6kr 4qk 6md 4qf 6nv 4q5 6pi 4pm 6r4 4p7 6so 4ok 6ub 4ni 6vp 4mg 718 4ld 72n 4k3 745 4il 75h 4h5 76t 4fr 780 4eb 793 4cs 7a4 4bb 7b4 49k 7bp 47u 7cd 468 7d1 44d 7d7 42i 7db 40o 7dg 3uu 7de 3t9 7d0 3rl 7ch 3q1 7c3 3oe 7bm 3mr 7b7,3mr 7b7 3l7 7al 3jj 7a3 3hv 79g 3g9 78j 3ei 77i 3cr 76j 3b5 75j 39f 74j 37q 73j 364 72j 34f 71k 32q 70m 315 6vo 2vg 6uq 2ts 6tt 2s8 6t0,1i6 83f 1i6 84e 1i7 85m 1i8 86p 1i8 883 1i9 89m 1ib 8at 1ic 8cl 1ic 8eg 1id 8g3 1id 8ht 1ie 8jl 1ie 8l5 1ig 8mk,1jh 98h 1jj 9a3 1jl 9bm 1jn 9db 1jp 9f0 1js 9gn 1k0 9if 1k8 9k9 1ki 9m4 1l0 9o0 1li 9pu 1m8 9rr 1n1 9tp 1nt 9vo 1oq a1m 1pq a3k 1qi a52 1ra a6g 1sa a8d 1t4 a9s 1u0 ab9 1uu acm 200 ae1 21a af8 22n agd 245 ahj 25h aio 26r aju 287 al3 29o am2 2bc ams 2d0 ann 2ei aoh 2g9 ap2 2i7 ap8 2k6 apd 2m3 apj 2o0 apm 2q0 apg 2s1 ap5 2u0 aos 2vu aoj 31s ao4 33p anh 35m amt 37i ama 39e alm 3b9 aku 3d4 ak3 3eu aj9 3go aih,3go aih 3ig ahk 3k8 agl 3lv afl 3nm aem 3pc adm 3r2 ach 3sn abd 3uc aa9 400 a97 41l a85 439 a72 44s a5u 46g a4r 483 a3n 49l a2j 4b8 a1f 4cq a0b 4ea 9v6 4fr 9u1 4hc 9ss 4is 9rn 4kc 9qg 4lr 9p9 4n8 9o1 4om 9mp 4q1 9li 4r3 9kb 4sb 9in 4tj 9h2 4uh 9fc 4v7 9dj 4vt 9br 506 9a9 509 98u 505 97h,1i5 83e 1i2 82d 1i1 817 1hv 806 1hu 7v3 1hv 7tn 1i4 7sh,1i4 7sj 1i2 7r0 1i4 7p7 1i6 7nk 1i8 7m5 1ib 7k0 1ie 7i8 1ih 7g8 1ip 7e8,1if 8mj 1ji 990,4fn 242 4fi 22t 4fa 21n 4eq 20h 4ea 1vc 4do 1u9 4cv 1t0 4c8 1ru 4bh 1qq 4ai 1ph 49k 1oc 48q 1nc 47m 1m2 46j 1ku 45k 1ju 44l 1it 43f 1ho 42d 1gm 41a 1fj 3vu 1e8 3um 1d0 3th 1bs 3s1 1ai 3ql 19a 3p8 183 3o0 16u 3mq 15o 3lm 14g 3kf 137 3j4 11t 3hq 10i 3gj v7 3fc tt 3du sm 3cf rf 3b2 q9 39b pb 37i oe 35r ni 33o mu 31p m9 2vp ll 2th l5 2rd kk 2pc k2 2ne jf 2li iq 2jo i5 2i1 he 2ga gn 2em fv,2em fv 2d3 f7 2bg ee 29t dp 28a d5 26o ch 256 bv 23k bf 223 av 202 aa 1u0 9l 1se 94 1qr 8h 1p9 7t 1nm 77 1m4 6f 1ki 5n 1j0 4v 1ha 48 1fh 3k 1dn 32 1bt 2i 1a2 24 188 1n 16f 18 14l n 12t 4 114 -g vc -18 tm -23 s1 -33 qe -44 os -55 nc -67 lv -7d kn -8n jf -a0 i6 -b7 gs -ce fi -dl e8 -eq ct -fv bh -h3 a5 -i7 8o -jb 7a -ke 5r -le 48 -m9 2l -mu 12 -ni -g -nt,-g -nt -2g -o5 -4f -of -6g -o7 -8f -nh -9u -ms -bs -m2 -dl -l5 -ev -jk -fr -i9 -h3 -gl -hk -f0 -hh -dj -h9 -ca -gh -b7 -fs -a8 -f3 -9c -ea -8e -dg -7g -ck -6f -bo 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31j 291,G 4tm 92i b8,T 4vm 988,T 4ui 9b0,T 4u4 9e3,T 4ru 9ho,T 4o8 9lo,T 4hg 9rf,T 4b8 a09,T 45l a4b,T 404 a7r,T 3qs ab3,T 3iq afn,T 39o ajn,T 2u 1k,T 88 5u,T f1 d7,T kb j5,T qg pu,T 12h 12m,T 1a1 1b6,T 1jd 1la,T 1qu 1te,T 21v 253,T 2de 2ga,T 2na 2ga,T 2vm 2a5,T 4a8 42s,T 423 4b8,T 3jt 4fq,T 31l 4cc,T 17k 592,T 18a 5i2,T 1bt 5tv,T 1la 67g,T 299 6bp,T 2s4 667,T 3ap 5ti,T 4pd 6oa,T 4ih 74c,T 42o 7cd,T 3if 78n,T 36k 71r,T 2tm 6sq,T 1mt 9r5,T 1qt a3o,T 1v6 ab9,T 23l ag2,T 296 akl,T 2fv ant,T 2p6 aog,T 31g amq

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HUGE LOSER! 10 Points

Lose all your credits.

Ace of Spades 5 Points

Get a single spade in a spin

Three's Company 10 Points

Win with three hearts.

gold level 9 5 Points


gold level 8 5 Points


gold level 4 5 Points


gold level 3 5 Points


gold level 1 5 Points


Level 10 5 Points

Level 10

Pressing Matters 25 Points

Clear levels 10-15!

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